Friday, 29 January 2010

Big in Japan

Now here's a turn up: something different. There's rapping in Japanese, the return of New Jack (sorta), the return of 90s rave (sorta) but more importantly, I loves it. The Dexpistols duo have broken through from the Japanese underground to the worldwide underground, performing DJ sets and supporting dance giants Daft Punk around the world. Watch the perfectly styled vid below and keep your ears peeled. Oh. And the 90s are officially back. Selfridges have deemed it so.


Monday, 25 January 2010

PSB: construction time again

Alongside a load of burly Welsh miners, Neil and Chris performed their massive hit Go West at The Brits in 1994. And they could be winners again. Just clicky here to vote for their show-stopping appearance. Seriously, though, who would vote for The Who?

Personally, I always loved this Banarama performance of Love in the First Degree. Can't think why.

Monday, 18 January 2010

You're only one beat away...

Now, Cicada... Have you not heard/bought their 2009 album Roulette yet? Oh, just do it now and be cheered by the fact a band can still produce a collection of beef and no filler. I was flipped like an Angus steak quarter-pounder hearing Roulette for the first time. And today, they release One Beat Away with the obligatory stack of remixes. The luxurious original is below...

ONE BEAT AWAY (Original Mix) by Cicada