Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Yé-Yé music

Years ago, in high school, my headmaster told me the French called pop music 'Yé-Yé music'. It wasn't meant as some cultural snippet but as a sneering put down. He was the same headmaster who blubbed to the local press when Neil Tennant wrote It's a Sin about his time at the same school. In other words, the man was a boring shit who hated pop music. And by dismissing Yé-Yé music, he missed out on something joyous. No wonder he was miserable. Here are two pop songs currently making me feel vindicated.

First up is a bunch of thrift store guitar twiddlers turned All Saints stadium pop gods. One Night Only have grown up - due in part to lead singer Georgie Craig's Glamorama-type existence as Burberry's pin-up boy - and become Keane/Duran Duran. I love bold, confident music, but the lyrics have to match. "The big screens, the plastic-made dreams" has such an 80s anthemic ring, it belies the true age of the singer (er, 20). Say You Don't Want It is now a bona fide top 40 hit, ripe to sound mammoth in Wembley Stadium.

Next up is someone who really doesn't need any poking from me. Web-rat, Sky Ferreira's One is everywhere at the moment. It's the kind of clever pop that gets on people's tits but others think is nothing short beautiful, just like the fashion shot of her above. Honestly, she doesn't need to bother after this.

Monday, 23 August 2010

FREE! download of new Pacific!

The marvelous Hot Lips duo from Sweden, Pacific! are back! Back!! BACK!! And gone all frightwig on us. Delving into the depths of the universe they've come back with Narcissus, a bone-shaking, sonic-bothering, rumbler of a dance track that made my arse cheeks quiver.

Heads up to Jon Pleased Wimmin who put this on his facebook with a warning. It's hard to believe it's the same band who's debut album, Reveries, was such a squelchy, funky laid back affair. But I like bands going leftfield. It's been two years since they began travelling the world with Hot Lips et al and in that time they'll have seen, done, eaten, danced to A LOT. In other words, this is a band expressing their broadening horizons. As a taster to the new album on Alan Braxe's prolific label Vulture, it's coming straight at you, fists flying. The Pet Shop Boys should take note that Narcissus was originally "conceived as a live performance to accompany a modern dance ballet" and especially as this track has the anthemic qualities of a classic PSB track.

And the FREE Jagz Kooner REMIX is below via Soundcloud. Enjoy!

PACIFIC! - Narcissus (Jagz Kooner remix) MP3 by sigimarra

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Katy B mine

I can inhale this track all day. In.... and out. Goldsmiths alumni Katy B is all over the radio and much deserved too. Sidestepping the current Brit sound to create their own hugely appealing version of dubstep, Katy and producer Benga have hit on a winning formula. Check out the current A-listed Katy On a Mission and the just as amarze Louder.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The straight Sylvester

Well this one sneaked out... Mischa Barton's new squeeze, the clubbing fashionista, Ali Love, has a proper collection of ten tracks released as a bona fide album, Love Harder. Following the killer singles, Diminishing Returns and Love Harder, this album should be MASSIVE. Think of a straight Sylvester. That's Ali Love.

Love Harder is quite an achievement. Every track is accomplished dance/pop. He's kept the huge 80s feel of his earlier material but added a twist with dirty synths and filthy vocals. Love In Darkness has the aforementioned Sylvester feel. It's a bit like two straight blokes doing Man 2 Man's Male Stripper. Glorious. But he can still do floaty pop with the lovely Dark Star.

Here's the latest single, Smoke and Mirrors. Go get the album here before he explodes - in the filling out arenas sense - because he will!

FOOTNOTE: repeated listening of the album and the more I'm thinking how would it sound with Ewan Pearson at the helm as producer. Pretty epic I'd suspect. And how about a Fred Falke remix? Just wet meself.