Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Hole story

Once upon a time, a blogger, not too far from here, met a sparkling, luscious tranny full of joie de vivre. Little did he know, the tranny had a secret. It was a secret she'd kept to herself mostly but would bring out on special occasions. It was something she was unsure of herself but other people would marvel at. Undaunted, the blogger made her get it out and helped her see that it was indeed something amazing she should share with the world.

What was the secret? It wasn't anything she had under her wig. It wasn't even what she had under her frock (no cock, she's a woman playing a man, playing a woman, darling). It was the fact that she had a voice! A legit, belting voice capable of great things.

Well, the blogger is moi, and said tranny is the gorgeous Holestar pictured above. And actually, there are three of us embarking on this brilliant adventure. The first fruits of which is the single NyLon Woman which is out worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and Napster on 12th April. And do you know what's brilliant about all of this? We're doing it all with no money, no third party backing and no risk. All we have are ideas and the willing to make something out of nothing.

NyLon Woman (Radio Edit)  by  Holestar

As for the video though, Holestar wanted a five day shoot, a multitude of costumes and a cast of thousands. Hmmm. Chatroulette it is then! If you've no budget, keep it clever, quirky and original...

And every artist has to have a live video. Here's Holestar performing NyLon Woman at Gay Bingo's 5th Birthday in London. Pure class, especially the dancing penis.

But of course, even if you're creating something out of nothing, ultimately, people want something for nothing, so here we have it! Click on the link below for a FREE DOWNLOAD of this brand new remix. Bona!

NyLon Woman (Phileastend Mix) - Holestar

The beautiful images © Adrian Lourie 2010

Monday, 15 March 2010

Lose that Monday morning feeling... just playing this. Honestly it can be done. This gorgeous piano-driven slow house track is perfect for pretending it's the weekend already and that it's actually June, not March. This track, Holiday, by Swedish duo Montauk is out late March. Spring's been and gone. Summer's here!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Get the Ali Love

Well this new Ali Love track is so low on the downlow it's practically invisible, which is a shame, because it's his strongest yet - a brooding groove with a KILLER chorus. There are shades of early 90s dance with the synth sequence from Candi Staton's classic You Got the Love popping up. Thanks to catblack9 for the heads up on this one. The single is out now. Clicky here for iTunes.

Ali needs to get the radio love back again or his last single Diminishing Returns will be a prophecy rather than a track that was criminally ignored. Without radio airplay, the crowded world of solo artists means he could be buried under a thousand Erik Hassles. He needs to do something inventive visually. The Chicane video below is a case in point. As classy as his videos are, they're a bit murky and forgettable. But what do I know. Judge for yourself with the video below...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Woop! Woop! Great new band alert! Voyagers!

Well, actually, in many ways, Voyagers are a new/old band. New in as much as the duo was formed in 2009 but there is a mammoth musical pedigree in tow. Susanna Klayman and Jon Pleased are on "a mission to create the perfect pop song" and judging from the tracks so far, they're well on their way. Try this stomper, Guiltless. The chorus is KILLER.

Voyagers - 'Guiltless' by Jon Pleased

Jon Pleased is a fixture on the UK club scene, in fact, I remember him popping up as a pioneering DJ, dragged up, power wig 'n' all as Jon of the Pleased Wimmin in the early 90s. He was such a refreshing change to all the Super DJs with his own brand of uplifting house and techno. Eventually, of course, Jon Pleased Wimmin became a big draw himself playing alongside the likes of Sasha all over the world and earning two top 30 hits with Passion and Give Me Strength. His night in Edinburgh, Dare!, an homage to The Human League of course began this year and was graced with the presence of the legendary Jo Callis from the band itself. And in some ways, the Voyager tracks have a similar feel to ver League. Listen to Here Again.

Voyagers - 'Here Again' by Jon Pleased

But Oh Yeah is my favourite Voyagers track and in their words it's "a straight up 'old-school' style house track". It progresses like a dance track, chunks added layer upon layer until it drops and comes back with one last flourish. Loves it.

Voyagers - Oh Yeah by Jon Pleased

Check out Voyagers facebook page here. And MySpace here.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

"Did you write the Book of Love?"

I KNOW! I KNOW! I haven't been around here much. Been vare busy cooking up another project, more on which vare soon. Anyhoo. I overlooked Paul Young's No Parlez album when it first came out but the Come Back and Stay single was always a favourite.

Chicane have produced a meh dance version, Well, it's a bit lazy to be honest, but, THE VIDEO! Watch it. It's the most inventive, creative and engaging vid I've seen in YEARS.