Saturday, 1 August 2009

Three buffalo gals!

If you've ever wondered where the definitive Bananarama interview for this French and Saunders ("I'm a bit toppy and I'm a bit bottomy") parody comes from...

...then watch this classic early 80s interview from Channel 4's The Tube with the BRILLIANT Paula Yates: as The Ram's Karen says, "We either write together or we get someone in to help us if we can't find the bridge for the middle of the song or something".

The Tube - Bananrama Interview on MUZU.

Apparently, ITN own all of Tyne Tees' (a TV company from Newcastle) music output and MUZU TV has all the archive footage of The Tube's interviews. Clicky here!!!

And here's the video for Cheers Then, their third single from their debut album Deep Sea Skiving. Siobhan Fahey said of its moderate success: "We started taking our careers seriously after Cheers Then bombed. Before then we thought all groups just brought out records and had them go to the top of the charts. It bought us down to reality a bit."


Paul said...

Ah the tube! Bananarama! F&S! It doesn't get much better than this. Brillo post.

xolondon said...

The Cheers Then video is endearing in its amateurishness (despite the locations!)