Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sweet temper

I like guitars that sound like sequenced synths and for it to be big, bold and anthemic. And so, The Temper Trap, an Australian band from a country with the biggest horizons, fit that bill perfectly. The video's quite ambitious too with all its swirling around the universe and allusions to the Big Bang. Although this single, Sweet Disposition tickled the bottom of the UK Top 40 last year, it's getting a re-release and a bigger push this year. This gorgeous Axwell and Dirty South Remix has gone down an absolute storm this summer. Singer Dougy Mandagi deserves special credit for his voice. It suits the band's music perfectly, but also adds an entire layer all its own.

Check out the last single Science of Fear too. The choppy strings are beautiful.

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Joseph said...

This track is so wonderful. I heard it on the radio a few times and it was stuck in my head for weeks, popping up ouot of nowhere. I haven't given the rest of the record a close listen yet but as a single they couldn't have asked for much more than this. Reminds me of "Laid"-era James for some reason. Not a bad thing.