Saturday, 14 November 2009

Moments of ecstasy

Totally unrelated, content-wise, but both of them nuggets of pure delight, here are two things that have made me *scream* this week.

Rhoda: Season 1 on DVD, whoop! whoop!
"New York, this is your last chance!" It's taken 35 (gulp) years for this belly laugh sitcom to make the boxset generation. I got into this series in the 80s when the BBC repeated every show late at night. Just hearing the theme tune gives me goosebumps and the humour hasn't dated one bit. The delivery may not be as quick, but the lines are still as funny as fuck. Nancy Walker, who plays Rhoda's mom, was the biggest star at the time of this first series, despite Valerie Harper coming straight off the back of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Hence, she gets all THE funniest one-liners. A very kind somebody called retroteevee2 has uploaded ALL of Season 1 onto YouTube. Go have a look here... NOW! And can I just say one thing... Joe. Swoon.

Cruel Intentions by Simian Mobile Disco featuring Beth Ditto

Oooh. This is an MDMA creepfest of a video but a beautiful minimal electro song. In the UK you'll recognise the two lead actresses: Sharon Maughan from the cheesy Nescafe Gold Blend ads and


xolondon said...

I bet you run into the street in London and throw your hat in air just to watch it fall so you can shrug and walk off.

(sorry, long sentence there!)

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