Wednesday, 3 February 2010

"Lorraine! There's somebody at the door!"

Picture the scene: you're in the kitchen, horsing down a packet of Pringles, crumbs on your stained dressing gown, hair all over the shop and scratching your bum when, "Ding, dong". You go to the door of your Twickenham home and there outside, with cameras and entourage are the Pet Shop Boys. Fluff me!

Lucky Lorraine Sands got the boys in her sitting room reproducing a condensed version of the Pandemonium tour; a miniscule of sound, so to speak. She said: "I've been a massive Pet Shop Boys fan for over 20 years and to have them play a gig right in my front room, for just me and my closest friends, was too good to be true. It was the best day ever."

They played Suburbia, All Over the World, It's a Sin and West End Girls.


Paul said...

i would have peed my pants. And started singing Le Sport's If Neil Tennat Was My Lover...

xolondon said...

BRILLIANT idea. AM ready for my new PSB product too!