Saturday, 21 August 2010

The straight Sylvester

Well this one sneaked out... Mischa Barton's new squeeze, the clubbing fashionista, Ali Love, has a proper collection of ten tracks released as a bona fide album, Love Harder. Following the killer singles, Diminishing Returns and Love Harder, this album should be MASSIVE. Think of a straight Sylvester. That's Ali Love.

Love Harder is quite an achievement. Every track is accomplished dance/pop. He's kept the huge 80s feel of his earlier material but added a twist with dirty synths and filthy vocals. Love In Darkness has the aforementioned Sylvester feel. It's a bit like two straight blokes doing Man 2 Man's Male Stripper. Glorious. But he can still do floaty pop with the lovely Dark Star.

Here's the latest single, Smoke and Mirrors. Go get the album here before he explodes - in the filling out arenas sense - because he will!

FOOTNOTE: repeated listening of the album and the more I'm thinking how would it sound with Ewan Pearson at the helm as producer. Pretty epic I'd suspect. And how about a Fred Falke remix? Just wet meself.

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Paul said...

so you are saying it's quite good then?!