Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New Yazoo single!!!

28 years after the original version was played every week as the theme tune for the BBC's cheapo saturday show Get Set For Summer, Yazoo's Get Set is OUT NOW! As a single!! Here!!! I remember the TV show being outside a lot, but with a British summer, that usually meant bands looking pissed off, slipping onstage as their peacock hairdos flattened in the drizzle.

Yazoo - Get Set (1982) by phileastend

Vince Clark and Alison Moyet had a ball reconnecting with each other and the Yazoo back catalogue on the Reconnection world tour last year. The songs were massive live and Vince, being the studio nerd he is, had all the original synth sounds which meant it was like listening to the two albums Upstairs at Erics and You and Me. But with Alison's belting 28 year older voice, they were given a new twist. Check out the live experience below.

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Paul said...

Magnifico! I'm an 8 year old boy all over again doing what normal 8 year old boys do (listening to Yazoo and brushing the mane of my My Little Pony while my cabbage patch doll - Risa Lolita - looks on)