Monday, 6 October 2008

Who the Fenech are Fenech-Soler?

Or, in other words, WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! Fab new band alert! Before you read any further, GO VISIT THEIR MYSPACE HERE and listen to the tracks. This trio from Cambridgeshire, Ross Duffy, Ben Duffy & Dan Francis have a sound all their own. It's electro without the re-wiring. It's pop without the bubblegum. And it's astounding considering they've yet to reach 20 years old and are unsigned.

The tracks featured on their MySpace player sound like future classics. White Hearts for all it's lo-tech production has high hopes and aspirations: Martin Fry and Paddy McAloon on a Scritti Politti production. The vocals from Ben are accomplished and very stadium-like as he sings about Cher setting his eyes on fire, or summat. Lies is equally funky and LARGE. The Cult of Romance, slated as a single with a deal on the table from several labels, is the one that will be as radio-infectious as INXS. Mark Brydon of Moloko will be producing this future epic in a match made in heaven. The fourth track on their MySpace player is the track to hook the Cut Copy/Presets brigade. Black Keys, with shades of Manc band The Whip, is the kind of bombastic synth driven track to go down a storm live.

One question though. What the Fenech is Fenech-Soler?

The brilliant Paul Lester and his review on The Guardian website.
And, TimesOnline getting all hot and bothered.

***UPDATE*** Vocalist, Ben, got in touch and explained that Fenech-Soler is the Bass player's full name. How exotic. So there you go.

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Paul said...

ooo GOOD find Mr Polava. Me likey very much indeed :)