Saturday, 8 November 2008

Crazy times

Posts mysteriously going missing overnight. Yes, the Blogger Stazi have been on a midnight raid and taken down yet another post. So no, Adem, you didn't dream it. There was a post about the stonking Girls Aloud track The Untouchables this week.

In the meantime, Crazy P (aka Crazy Penis) are back! Back!! BACK!!! with a brand new album Stop Space Return. Still as deliciously funky as the previous album, the tour de force, A Night On Earth, they've gone back to their musical roots with vocalist Dannielle Moore taking centre stage on this more song-orientated material. The lead-off single, Love on the Line, is an infectious slab of deep disco and is here in YouTubage...

What is it with bands from the north of England? Dance music comes so naturally. It's a gene handed down from generation to generation: disco, funk, house, whatever. It's there in spades on Crazy P's music. Formed in 1995 by Chris Todd and Jim Baron, they were augmented later by bassist Tim Davies, percussionist Mav (who has since left), and singer Dannielle Moore. Criminally overlooked by the mainstream but held in god-like status by the rest, they oh-so-nearly broke through when Pete Tong picked up on A Night on Earth, touting the super-majestic Can't Get Down as one of his favourites from the 2005 release.

Stop Space Return
is available everywhere and those lucky Ozzies have had it since April where Tinted Records released it first as Love on the Line. You can clicky here for a very entertaining short doc about the band recording it - although whizz forward 2 minutes for the actual talking! My favourite quote is Dan Moore: "Never Gonna Reach Me is based on people thinking that when you're having a good laugh with them, it's an automatic inroad into your knickers!"

Instead of uploading mp3s for your listening pleasure and suffering the Blogger ramraid again, go to 7digital here, or the Beatport player below, where you can listen to and purchase said album including the MAMMOTH title track, Stop Space Return.

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Poster Girl said...

I understand why Blogger has to do what they do, but it's so frustrating when you actually take some time on what you say in your post that I've actually subscribed to my own blog in the feed reader I use; that way, if a post is deleted (and as long as I'm told about it/notice it), I can copy and paste it over from there back onto Blogger and just remove the song (which I always would do if contacted, but I never am--though once again I can understand why labels can't follow the more time-consuming policy of requesting we remove songs and they are fully within their rights to have our posts pulled, it still really drives me crazy).

Paul said...

Oh it's insanely annoying when blogger remove posts - why can't they just email you and say you have 24 hours to remove the song! I had a post removed for having a very low quality radio rip of a live lounge tune on, and yes, had to copy and paste it again without said song...

having said that - i love me some crazy penis :)

Adem With An E said...

Ah good, I'm not going crazy then.