Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas with Rufus and Martha

How. G. A. Y. Where do you start? From the Christmas jumpers - hand-knitted by momma Wainwright, if you please - to Rufus and his camp ineptitude in front of Martha Stewart. This is grand television. Cut to 8.15 for the double entendre by Rufus that goes straight over Martha's head... or does it? More likely, she squishes that train of thought because she ain't having no homo filth on her show! And is it just me, but does she have that alcoholic rasp in her speech, you know, all breathy as if the vodka fumes are still too overpowering mid-morning.

Part 2 of the sequence is here. Cut to 8.30 for a sweet family McGarrigle Christmas performance.


xolondon said...

I love the bit in Pt 2 (about 6 mins) where Rufus keeps saying "I know" over and over when he puts too many sequins on the gingerbread.

and the part where Martha ignores the fact that Rufus lost his sweater in a disco in Paris.

And Martha W is looking very Marilyn these days.

Phil said...

BOTH Marthas are looking very Marilyn these days. And can you imagine how noisy it would be chez McGarrigle. You couldn't get a word in edgeways!