Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Who, deer? Me, deer? Yes, dear.

As much as I listen to and tout other people's music, I do make some myself, dontcha know. And a resolution for 2009, instead of keeping most of it under wraps, I'm going to start putting some out there. Think of it as a music notebook. It may have no vocal or it may have a guide vocal (gawd help me). You may like or you may detest but either way I think by using my own blog to put out my own music is one in the eye for the Internet Police. Viva DIY! Anyhoo, here y'are.

(zShare) - this track has lyrics for verses and chorus, but I've posted the instrumental for now until I come up with a middle eight

(zShare) - this was the first completed 'song'

Dirty Men (zShare) - this is definitely NOT me singing but a girl called Sonia. And not that one.


Adem With An E said...

I wish I wasn't at work right now so I could download these pronto and listen to them.

Looking very, very forward to enjoying a cup of egg nog tonight whilst I download these babies...

Paul said...

at first i thought it was some cunning ploy to share songs by artists you like and disguise them as songs the tinternet police would not rush to pull down. But no! it is a woman called Sonia (not the one from Eastenders then) and songs about Dirty Boys which is ace. Ace ace ace.