Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Love comes quickly

The 'Rams have finally found a home for their new album Viva Bananarama. Above is a radio rip of the first single Love Comes synched to their performance at the Isle of Wight Festival a couple of weeks ago. Fascination Records are releasing the single on 6th September and the album a week later.

Will it get radio play? Who knows. Will it get into the Top 40? Who cares. The gayers will love it and the boom-boom mixes will go down a storm at your local gayspot. Welcome back girls!


Paul said...

someone on the popjustice forums said it will go down a storm with the gays in the provinces!! Which was probably meant to be bitchy but i took as a huge compliment. It will :)

Phil said...

Well if the PJ forums want another Move in My Direction (which was deluxe, by the way) then that's fine. But it flopped big style!