Monday, 13 July 2009

Seven 4 Summer

Our summer's blowing hot and cold in the UK this year. But at least these tracks make the sunshine moments last longer. In a playlist headed Seven 4 summer, it's amazing how they brighten the dullest of days. So pour yourself a glass of Sangria, relax and listen to them one by one below and I guarantee the sun will come out...

1. NYC Bad Girl - Purple Crush

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Courtesy of the brilliant Sheena Beaston comes Purple Crush, a New York electro duo who describe themselves on their Myspace thus "imagine if prince really was gay and he and jimi hendrix were married and adopted kurt and courtney love" and have been around since those heady electroclash days in the early noughties. This track cracks pavements it's so hawt. Go buy it here on compilation album You Been Crushed V.1

2. Box 'n' Locks - Mpho

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Brixton lass, Mpho (pronounced mm-poh) devines Martha and the Muffins' Echo Beach to produce this zingy, fresh as lemons tune destined for the UK Top 10 when it's released in a couple of weeks. Born in South Africa, Mpho has an album due out called Pop Art (devining PSB for that title) in the Autumn. Get the track for a credit crunching 50p here. And check out the classy vid here.

3. Dead End - Master Shortie

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As one of the BBC Sounds of 2009, Master Shortie aka Theo Kerlin needs to 'do a La Roux' and find an audience with this bouncy UK indie-tinged hip-hop. The chorus is a killer and vare radio-friendly. It first came out late last year, but a summer re-release makes a lot more sense: the festival-loving crowd will hear the sunshine in this track. It hasn't made this week's Top 75 which is a bit of a blow, but being on the B-list at Radio 1 provides some hope at least.

4. Shark in the Water - V V Brown

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V V Brown
, another on Radio 1's B-list, went straight in at number 38 this week. For all the hype and acres of fashion magazine coverage, this track delivers on the promise. From the opening infectious backing vocals to the Finlay Quaye inflections and ballsy chorus, it's a quirky song with a sense of humour. Go here to Kickin'the Peanuts for a brilliant Louis La Roche remix.

5. Styfling - Square1 featuring Siobhan Donaghy

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Square1's beats are a bit 1999 but this track is perfect for the balmy evening as the sun goes down. Siobhan could sing the telephone directory and imbue it with emotion. Until she does another proper album, this'll more than fill the gap.

6. Until I Die - September

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She hasn't quite established herself here as a bankable hitster, but September's at least got the backing to give it a go. Despite the immense back catalogue, she's been pigeon-holed as the tweeny clubber's favourite and this track won't change any of that. It's boom boom-tastic with awful lyrics "I live, until the day I die". And I loves it. Go here to Scandipop for an interview which neatly sums up her recent worldwide success.

7. Give It To Me Right - Melanie Fiona

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This record sounds vare British: that sixties retro soul thing used by everyone and their dog recently. But Melanie Fiona is Canadian. Watch the lovely Lorraine Kelly simpering away about her on GMTV recently.


Paul said...

great selection. i shall check out MC Shortie. I'm quite liking the bizarre rap indie hits of late :) And MPHO is rather decent. Not loving the backlash towards VV Brown by the people who built her up in the first place. The media can be so cruel!

xolondon said...

Mpho is KILLER. such a summer song.


great songs! I love them!

Michael said...

Wow! Mpho just kicked my ass with its coolness. I have always loved Echo Beach - what a great tune to sample!

DanProject76 said...


Well that was a nice surprise to start my working day with.

DanProject76 said...

I bought the V V Brown album yesterday.

It's rather great!