Saturday, 12 December 2009

Happy Christmas from Neil & Chris

The Christmas EP is out today in half of Europe, with the rest to follow on Monday. And as if to kick-start a PSB Christmas, their card arrived today too. Hoorah! But for a very special PSB offering, go here to the luverly Chartriggrrrrr who has given us his top ten PSB output from the noughties.

And here's the consolidation of PSB as a live act. The obligatory live video for the third single, All Over the World from the Christmas EP. A very 80s phenomena, actually.

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Paul said...

Loving the EP something insane right now. Obv I'm utterly obsessed with the remix of It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas, but All Over The World is equally delightful and Viva La Vida - i love the minimal stripped back production. It's given a whole new lease of life to my YES album too. Happy bloody christmas to you too Phil :P