Sunday, 13 December 2009

Marc Almond gets Starred

I came across this in the YouTube vaults and HAD to share. Stars in Their Eyes was the show to have on in the background while getting ready to go out on a Saturday night. And occasionally, the catchphrase "Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be be..." would make you run back in the room and SCREAM. Like this one above, "...Marc Almond". You just know that Ian, above, doing Marc, is in fact Trixie on stage, usually in a tight frock and that she does her own belting version of Jackie every Saturday night in front of a load of gayers. And he sounds NOTHING like Marc Almond.

These two, below though, are uncanny. Well, ish.
"Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be be...Phil Oakey!"

"Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be be... Boy George!"

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xolondon said...

The BG could have totally fooled me!