Sunday, 14 March 2010

Get the Ali Love

Well this new Ali Love track is so low on the downlow it's practically invisible, which is a shame, because it's his strongest yet - a brooding groove with a KILLER chorus. There are shades of early 90s dance with the synth sequence from Candi Staton's classic You Got the Love popping up. Thanks to catblack9 for the heads up on this one. The single is out now. Clicky here for iTunes.

Ali needs to get the radio love back again or his last single Diminishing Returns will be a prophecy rather than a track that was criminally ignored. Without radio airplay, the crowded world of solo artists means he could be buried under a thousand Erik Hassles. He needs to do something inventive visually. The Chicane video below is a case in point. As classy as his videos are, they're a bit murky and forgettable. But what do I know. Judge for yourself with the video below...

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