Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Woop! Woop! Great new band alert! Voyagers!

Well, actually, in many ways, Voyagers are a new/old band. New in as much as the duo was formed in 2009 but there is a mammoth musical pedigree in tow. Susanna Klayman and Jon Pleased are on "a mission to create the perfect pop song" and judging from the tracks so far, they're well on their way. Try this stomper, Guiltless. The chorus is KILLER.

Voyagers - 'Guiltless' by Jon Pleased

Jon Pleased is a fixture on the UK club scene, in fact, I remember him popping up as a pioneering DJ, dragged up, power wig 'n' all as Jon of the Pleased Wimmin in the early 90s. He was such a refreshing change to all the Super DJs with his own brand of uplifting house and techno. Eventually, of course, Jon Pleased Wimmin became a big draw himself playing alongside the likes of Sasha all over the world and earning two top 30 hits with Passion and Give Me Strength. His night in Edinburgh, Dare!, an homage to The Human League of course began this year and was graced with the presence of the legendary Jo Callis from the band itself. And in some ways, the Voyager tracks have a similar feel to ver League. Listen to Here Again.

Voyagers - 'Here Again' by Jon Pleased

But Oh Yeah is my favourite Voyagers track and in their words it's "a straight up 'old-school' style house track". It progresses like a dance track, chunks added layer upon layer until it drops and comes back with one last flourish. Loves it.

Voyagers - Oh Yeah by Jon Pleased

Check out Voyagers facebook page here. And MySpace here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your lovely review Phil - very glad you're enjoying our music. Susanna x

Dean said...

All 3 tracks are fantastic but I think I agree and Oh Yeah is my fave, forward thinking old school.

Paul said...

loving this :) They sound great! And loving more worrapolava posts. you wait ages for one then two come along at once!!