Saturday, 27 November 2010

I'm Edei, fly me

Midweek I glimpsed the rarest of things: a bona fide live showcase. In these days of fewer and fewer new artists getting a bite of the financial apple, it was quite exciting to troll down to the launch of Edei (pronounced Ee-dee). My mate was even more up for it: "It's been years since I went to one of these things." Like how long? "Er, Eternal. When there were four of 'em".

The money behind Edei is well-deserved though. The 22 year old Londoner has a raspy, distinctive voice that sounds like she's been doing it for years. Have a listen to her cover of Plan B's Prayin' here. She's also very at home on stage with an easy-going, confident performance. And the music? One track, Inside Information, was an instant classic laden with strings and pathos, totally suited for a cold November night. The upcoming single, Loved, is a perfect introduction.

The team behind Edei, from producer Misreid and co-writer Connor Reeves to the backroom bods who coped with Joss Stone will mean she'll get some attention, but as ever, radio play will be the catalyst in her album launch. Loved will sound great on the radio and with Adele's mammoth new track Rolling Deep due out on the same day, January 16th, the play lists will be looking for other organic sounding tracks to butt up against. And with Adele's Chasing Pavements studio boffins working on Edei's new album, there's more than a chance for her bother the charts.

EDEI "Loved" (clip) by Edei Music

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