Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Holestar with F***ing Everything

OK, so I haven't sniffed 'round these parts for a whole year. But honestly, this was too good not to post. Holestar's new EP, The Queen of F***ing Everything is a bonafide HIT. 3,000 views on YouTube and blog love around the world = HIT. Watch the video below...

And the other two tracks:
The Insider by Holestar

Another Heartbeat by Holestar

There is a shameless element to this post, of course. I wrote the EP with Holestar and Jeremy Kimberley (of the hugely entertaining Readers Wifes band). Seeing the title track take off with a life of its own has been interesting. Like sending a demented child out into the world with only a few pence for busfare and they come back laden with plasma screen TVs and a whole wardrobe from JD Sports. The surprises have been vare pleasant and the chitchat totally supportive. And there've been the bellylaughs, like this post on FizzyPop. I read this over brekkie and spewed my cornflakes over the screen guffawing.

If anything has been a disappointment, it's the lack of printed press. With music consigned to a couple of dull pages, there isn't any room for new artists these days, which is a shame. And the music mags left on the shelf wouldn't touch Holestar with a shitty stick because a) it's all too gay and b) it's all too gay. Mind you, the gay press need to account for their total lack of interest. Although, the UK newstand mags are a lot more politicised (and all the better for it), it is a bit galling when Holestar and other creative queers are kept off the pages by a hot STRAIGHT stud who has nothing to say and is as interesting as a toenail.

All that aside, you need to support those creative queers: the ones who create something out of nothing with little more than buttons and the odd BJ. Get on it like a tramp on chips and go BUY The Queen of F***ing Everything EP!

iTunes UK

iTunes USA

Amazon UK

Amazon US

And on iTunes and Amazon internationally, check your store!

And if you want to meet Holestar in person (she doesn't bite) you'll find her at Let's Get Quizzical! at Dalston Superstore and Pop! at Vogue Fabrics. This Halloween, trot down to Horse Meat Disco for her vare special PA at their fright night extravaganza. Poppers ahoy!

Holestar image by Lee Roberts:

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Simply F@#king Brilliant!!!
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