Sunday, 21 October 2007

I AM my hair

Heads up to Adem at I'm Always Right for the Sugababes clip.

The 'babes put in a bravura performance of Lady Marmalade at Fashion Rocks 2007 - and at this point, the models are thankfully dispensed with. Amelle, quite rightly, takes centre stage and the change of hair has gone to her head. She's almost Amazonian as she belts out AND holds the 'Marmalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade'. The spunky fountains are a lovely camp touch.

Spot the difference:


Adem IAR said...

Is she now the Babes' strongest live voice? Keisha sounded a bit tired and Heidi's voice strayed on a couple of notes during Marmalade.

I always thought Mutya had the strongest voice during her run in the Sugababes, so I guess it would only makes sense for her (definitive) replacement to be such a vocal powerhouse.

Phil said...

You LOVE her!