Sunday, 21 October 2007

Who knew?!?

Fashion Rocks 2007. Strange event. Who would ever think that the idea would work? This Swarovski sponsored version, at the Royal Albert Hall, shown on TV last night was no exception. And who knew that Whitney was going to firstly, turn up on time, and secondly, actually have regained her wits? The voice is a bit crack ravaged but she still got that falsetto in at the end!

Ever since giving up the Bobbie Brown drug, she's clawed her way back to the real world. I'm not a big fan but her story has been very tragic. I know everything in life is your own choice, but the tragedy is she made BAD choices. But from the look of her here, introducing the Sugababes, no less, her rehabilitation process is well under way. Expect a Timbaland/Dre co-produced epic next year, guest-starring Nelly, Justin and Missy. Probably.

The sets, dripping in Swarovski crystals, were eyepopping. Having fashion bods involved in staging the event guarantees fabulousness. And fab ideas. The musical chairs story for the Stella McCartney/Shy Child set was cute and inspired. Stand out performances this year had to be Dames Marc Almond, Shirley Bassey (wouldn't they make a great duet!), Shy Child and the Sugababes. There isn't any footage of them floating around at the minute, but as soon as I find it, I'll post.


xolondon said...

Since when does Whitters talk like Tina Turner via Trinidad?

Phil said...


A 15 years stint smoking the WHOLE of Trinidad probably helped