Saturday, 27 October 2007

Rewind Soft Cell

Ah. Bless. An early TOTP appearence, complete with padded cell stage set.

After posting below about the remastered classics, news reaches us, via Arjanwrites, about a Soft Cell remix album. Remix versus remaster is a quandary. After all, who pioneered the remix? Soft Cell had a huge part in it by remixing their classic first album as the ecstasy-driven Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing six months later. Now I didn't get AT ALL excited by the Depeche Mode venture... Well it's a case of two bands, really. Like me, you either adore the poppy earlier version or lose interest in the the stadium monster they became.

But Soft Cell on the other hand. Electro, mono rock 'n' roll, sixties' kitchen-sink angst, club classics? All their styles fit like a glove in my mind. It's about time they revisit all their back catalogue for an updated extravaganza.

Here's an everchanging tracklisting of the double album to be released at the end of January next year. Yay!

– Cicada Remix
Seedy Films – Richard X Remix
Bedsitter – Manhattan Clique Remix
Sex Dwarf – The Grid Remix
Tainted Love – Paul Dakeyne Remix
Torch – Manhattan Clique Remix
Where The Heart Is – Marcas Lancaster Remix
Numbers – Spektrum Remix
Heat – Yer Man Remix
The Art Of Falling Apart – Atomizer Remix
A Man Can Get Lost – Marcello Remix
Secret Life - George Demure Remix
Surrender To A Stranger – MHC Remix
...So – The Grid Remix
Frustration – Punx Soundcheck Remix
Chips On My Shoulder – Mark Moore & Kinky Roland Remix
Entertain Me – Kinky Roland Remix
Best Way To Kill – Dave Ball Remix
Barriers – Dark Poets Remix
Her Imagination – Monkey Farm Frankenstein Remix

Stream the tracks, including my favourite, the Manhattan Clique version of Bedsitter here on the album's MySpace.

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Adem IAR said...

Oh that Manhattan Clique remix is lush... January hey? Perfect for my summertime listening then.