Thursday, 3 April 2008

Chuffin' 'elle!

The UK version of Elle out today, complete with our Madge as she steamrollers her way 'round every mag in the world. Hats off to still getting covers. But, chuffin' 'ell, whack that contrast up on the image.

Soft and grainy hides a multitude, baby. And those tights have seen some action. Weren't they the same smelly gussett ones from her roller disco daze?

Now if I was nearly fifty and had a bum like that, I'd look as pleased with myself and show it off - they've done well to airbrush the scaffolding out!


Adem With An E said...

I am quite pleased with that second photo. Actually, both the Vanity Fair and Elle pictures have been great. Wasn't too thrilled with the actual interview in Vanity Fair though... bit meh really.

Phil said...

I'm amazed she's still got something new to say. After acres of print over the years you'd think she would have said enough...