Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Daggers V. Richard 'Biff' Stannard

This band here that I've been blithering on about, Daggers (there's no 'the' by the way) from Manchesterford have just been blessed by the Pope of Pop, Richard 'Biff' Stannard. As the man behind the music of such majuh acts as The Spice Girls, Kylie and, er, Bellefire he's definitely someone Daggers need to be in cahoots with. Theo Hutchcraft, lead singer says: "I wrote him a fan letter [aw, bless], but didn't expect anything from it. Next thing, he called me up and invited us down to his studio in Brighton. My jaw practically hit the floor." As well as his pants five minutes later as 'Biff' boffed him on the casting couch.

I made that last bit up. But this is GOOD news. I have said before that this band need to be taken in hand (oo-er) by a pop genius. There is a very obvious ambition for greatness eminating from La Hutchcraft. He's even doing the Mika, Bowie, Iggy and (pause to giggle) Elton thing of 'is he or isn't he an uphill gardener?'. He explains coyly (whilst applying his eyeliner): "Let's just say I'm potentially bi-curious. I think there's room for a little mystery. Let's keep people guessing". Spoken like a true pop star - now break the mould, Theo and just be straight... or gay.

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Apologies to everyone who read this news in Attitude already, but I only got my copy yesterday. Mwah!

Photography by Ezra Coal


D'luv said...

If that's the lead singer in the middle, I've got some songs for him that he can come check out in my shorts.

Phil said...

I've heard you've go a veritable PSB discography in there:
- Numb
- Minimal
- So Hard
- I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing

Always Candy said...

I love daggers!

Phil said...

Yay to always candy!
Me too. obviously.