Thursday, 24 April 2008

Pet Shop Boys Madness

As well as performing alongside Madness at Heaven next Friday, the Pet Shop Boys will be performing a Nutty Boys classic with vocals from Suggs and Carl. What a marvelous, quirky idea! There's no word on which track, but I reckon it'll be It Must Be Love which is ripe for a PSB makeover. I can't make it, so someone will have to report back. Tricky? The event is a benefit concert for the family of their mutual friend and long time employee, Dainton Connell.

Also reported on the Pet Shop Boys site is the emergence of a tune written by Chris Lowe with Dainton. Originally a white label for mates, this ravey davey track It's the Bear from the early 90s has surfaced on an Arsenal football fans' ep by a band called The Riders of the Night. The Boys have donated all their rights to Dainton's family in the hope that they may get some royalties on it. If you want to listen to/buy it, do a search on iTunes as there's no facility to link from here. Be warned. It's very 'of it's time'.

Go here to the MARVELOUS Music Source for the PSB cover of Madness track My Girl. And this song fits them like a glove!


Adem With An E said...

Hrmm, the track is not on Aus iTunes yet. Bastards.

xolondon said...

Bring. me. a. new. album!

Phil said...

Couldn't. Agree. More.