Friday, 6 June 2008

3 x 17

There's a strange fascination in pop with 17 year olds. And it's never from the 17 year olds themselves: Mariah and Madonna are only trying to access new revenue streams by directing their wizened old husks towards da yoot and the who-gives-a-fucking-fuck lot in Channel 4's Skins, the supposed epitome of their generation, are dreamt up by thirty-something blokes. It's as if we forget that being 17 is either boring or one embarrassment after another (if it's neither than you're probably Debbie Gibson). But sometimes a pop song can capture those non-dull bits; tapping into the 17 year old brain with all its bravado, stoopidity and cute insecurity.

Seventeen - Ladytron (zShare)
Ah, the luverrly Ladytron. What an exotic introduction to the Liverpool band this was. It sounded so other-worldly. And vare creepy: 17 year olds as fodder for the model industry. ¨They only want you when you´re 17 / When you´re 21, you´re no fun.¨ Chew 'em up and spit 'em out.

Seventeen - Casxio (zShare)
This sweet song surfaced on someone's faves list at the beginning of the year. And it just SOUNDS like a 17 year old: careless and carefree laconic funk. Casxio are an LA band with a fine canon of stuff. Go to TheirSpace for more info and the photo is by Christina M. Felice.

7 Teen - The Regents
I actually got this band mixed up with The Human League in my little 10 year old brain because of the lead singer and two backing girls. I LOVED this record and bought a copy with birthday money, a pink label in a yellow sleeve! I used to think it was really edgy because the girls "Ooo-wee-ooohed" out of tune. It's like a load of 17 year olds all a bit shouty and pissed. The above clip is the band's appearence on Top of the Pops when the track reached number 11 in February 1980.

Thanks to Eddie Mullan of No Clarity for main pic of spooky street art from Montreal.


xolondon said...

Mandalay also had a song called Seventeen. And of course Janis Ian!

Phil said...

I don´t know either of those but will seek and go find...

There was also 17 Again by the Eurythmics but I discounted it as it was all about looking back from a dinosaur perspective. Madonna´s next album will have a similar track: 50 Again

glossy said...

a glass of champagne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amazing stuff!!!

Ed said...

cheers Phil. Montreal is a great place, those things were all over the place