Saturday, 28 June 2008

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Fantastic new singer alert!

There must be something in the water. Britain is popping female SWVs (singers with voices) like a Pringle box that just can't stop. Jessie J is the latest. And the best thing? She isn't the 'new' anyone. She's all her own, a unique and legitimate voice, just listen to Free on her MySpace player for the evidence. In fact, take time out and play all four songs on rotation. These accomplished tracks sound like they've been around forever.

, a lament about conducting a relationship through a phone, email and web pages is clever; there's a catchy line in the third verse that goes "Click. And I see your face. Click. Click. And I look away". Sexy Silk is slated as the debut single and a cracking jazz-sampling romp it is. Even as a demo version here, it sounds very radio-friendly: I can picture it in the Sunday Top 40 rundown. Free is the song for the voice: the gutsy soul vocals, perfectly delivered. The fourth song Catwalk sounds vare familiar. Maybe it's the En Vogue harmonies but it's bugging me summat rotten as to which song it reminds me of... I love the Captain Caveman vocals: "Zowie, Cavey!"

Jessie is a new signing to Gut Records, that schizoid label which made it's initial millions on Right Said Fred and is home to Sarah Cracknell, Chungking, Tears For Fears and, er, Crazy Frog. It looks like she's being lined up for a launch this year. More details please! But the most interesting side to this 'major new artist' is the fact that she is another Brit School alumni; the talent hothouse which produced Adele, Amy Wino, Leona Lewis and The Feeling.

Thanks to do1frood for the heads up on Jessie. This brilliant blog always seems to uncover musical gems new to me and that's why it's there, on the right, in my blogroll. And he has a knack of finding mixes unheard anywhere. Bona!

For Jessie J's MySpace, clicky here.

And here's footage of a recent live gig...


xolondon said...

Amazing voice. There are certainly a number of new singers coming up who can really SANG (Antigone, Daniel M, and now this cute girl).

The Happiest Activist said...

I like it. "Technology" sounds like something that would play on radio right now...

hate to say it, but she gives me a fergie vibe

like the site, by the way

Adem With An E said...

She's adorable too, isn't she? She reminds me of the dead friend from that tv show HEX.

I'm pleased "Sexy Silk" is supposed to be the first single; it's perfect in every sense of the word.

D'luv said...

She looks like my Aunt Norma.