Thursday, 26 June 2008

Summer days, drifting away...

Driving around southern Spain a couple of weeks ago I thought the best music for the car should be Spanish radio. Cue two days later going mad at all the talk and oldie hit stations. And the three tracks resembling anything current were in permanent rotation: Duffy's Mercy, Amy's Rehab and Leona's bleeding Bleeding Love. Fuck me. And then along came Maxima FM. Like a breath of fresh air, this station popped up somewhere outside Seville playing dance music back-to-back. Then, weirdly, I found this CD with their current playlist, Maxima Tentacion Vol. 8. It's THE perfect music for an air-conned drive through the quiet mountain roads of Las Alpujarras or the traffic-choked highways through Malaga. Here's a selection from said CD alongside my holiday snaps...

Simple Life - Dreaminfusion (zShare)

Burning Inside - Wally Lopez Feat. Hadley & Dani-Vi

You'll Be Mine - Luis Lopez (zShare)

Justified - Dani Moreno

By Your Side - Arianna Lopez Feat. Estela Martin (zShare)

Speak 'n' Spell (Silverroom Short Clubmix) - Elin Lanto (zShare)

Speed Up - Funkerman (zShare)

I Want Your Love (Soulcast uk radio edit) - Jody Watley (zShare) Yay!!

Big Bass (3.1 radio mix) - Star Killers (zShare)

Invincible (d.o.n.s. remix radio) - Greg Cerrone Ft. Claudia Kennaugh

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