Monday, 15 September 2008

Manastacia's amenesia

After getting back off me hols yesterday, and flicking 'round today I found this brilliantly entertaining piece in The Guardian. Headed I'm not a charade - I'm a keep-it-real girl Manastacia, sorry, Anastacia goes on to explain how she 'lost' six (!) years off her age. Apparently, just before her noo recurd, she remembered, she's 40, not 34! And with that sudden realisation, she whizzed right on down to the botox shop: "I think it's great, it's cool. When I originally had it, I couldn't have been any smoother. I was, like, wow! I don't top up all the time, but once I start to look a bit tired, I have a dose. I'm doing teeny steps [yeah, right, judging from the alabaster complexion and cat's eyes above], so the frown lines aren't so intense, and if the creases become too crazy I'll have filler. It can work wonders."

Bless her for being truthful etc. She's obviously doing a complete about face ('scuse the pun) and going for the oldies market, something Hard Mandy and Mariah are allergic to. And bless her too for giving up the 'cracking America' slog. It's amazing to learn that she's sold 20 million units and only 500,000 were in her home country. But whatever, the diva's still there. A friend of mine did a shoot with her and she was carried around by her, then bodyguard, now husband. If she had to actually walk, her hand would be held daintily aloft by said bloke as she tippy-toed in her six-inch heels.

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DanProject76 said...

A raised eyebrow and no wrinkles?

How natural, Manastasia.