Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Pet Shop Boys in Pop on pop

I don't know. Not a peep for over a week and then a post consisting of someone else's witterings, copied wholesale? But seeing as it's the Pet Shop Boys in the new edition of fashion mag Pop, I care not a jot.

Pop reinvents itself every issue, and this time around it's become The Face 1987 in an homage extraordinaire. The PSB and Grace Jones shoots are acutely observed. Turning the pages of this brand new September issue felt deluxe, like reading a magazine should be.

Neil and Chris were supposed to talk to Pop about new bands which emulate 80s bands, but neither were interested enough. Very PSB. Instead they talked about themselves. Even more PSB. On having a stylist work their image in the beginning, Chris was aghast: "I don't see why they should have all the fun! Pay someone to do our shopping?"

On their favourite labels in the 80s: (Neil) "It's funny, in 1983 there was nothing I wanted more than a Nike kagoul and basball cap 'cos that looked really hip hop."
(Chris) "My favourite look was 'casual', Diadora trainers, Fiorucci jeans, Pringle".

On Top of the Pops: (Neil) "I miss TOTP! If you're Duffy, you've still not had that moment where they say 'It's Number One! It's Top of the Pops!' It was a weekly coronation"
(Chris) "You'll never get that pivotal moment when Boy George first appeared on TOTP"

Here's legs eleven herself, Grace Jones. Can you believe this woman is 60?

In keeping with the late 80s vibe, here's a band, Eighth Wonder, who the boys would go on to produce, annointing singer/model/actress Patsy Kensit with her biggest pop success, I'm Not Scared. This was the flop beforehand, but a hit in my teenage ears...

Will You Remember? - Eighth Wonder (zShare)

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D'luv said...

Nice! Haven't checked their site in awhile because they weren't updating, but will now go buy this trash because of you.