Thursday, 2 April 2009

Queens of British Pop

The BBC aired the first in the two-part documentary Queens of British Pop last night. What no Freddie? No Holly? No Neil? No Elton?

Nah, just a great set of clips and and a recognition for Siouxsie Sioux (FINALLY) as she takes her well-earned place on the throne (see below). There's not much you can cover with ten minutes on each - the whole Dusty in the wilderness is ignored as it jumps from the failure of the Memphis album to the Lazurus-like resurrection with Pet Shop Boys in one fell swoop - but the premise for the first part is admirable. These are the trailblazers; the women who were the blueprints in the 60s and 70s for the plethora of big solo females today. The producer explains the reasons behind his choices here. Choosing American Suzi Quatro seems to have got up people's noses, but she was the biggest female pop star in the UK during her time and produced by Brit Mickie Most... so there.

But back to the PROPER Siouxsie... It's so refreshing to see a her work documented, albeit briefly. And even more refreshing to see her revel in it - gotta love Claire Grogan too!

Next week: Annie Lennox! Alison Moyet! Kylie! Wino! And Leona... erm... !

Queens of British Pop
microsite here and The Guardian's own tribute here.


Paul said...

leona? oh! well i suppose she could be classed as queen of british pop at the moment. whatever next? Alexblandra?!

xolondon said...

This series is brilliant! And looky looky at little Clare Grogan. She's not a (pause) dead pop star!

Gregling said...

Darn, missed it. I'm kind of glad when things like this don't go to public vote, people forget too much. Yay and yay again for Siouxsie. I was listening to the Silver Dollar mix of Peekaboo and even though it's not her greatest moment it's the kind of way off kilter pop it's so hard to come by these days. I'd love to play that out. Also another Yay for Claire Grogan. 'Dead Pop Stars' is my favourite chilling recent discovery. "Dead pop stars rotting in the studio ..." Amaze. Kisses. x

Joseph said...

Oh, Siouxsie. There's really not been anybody else like her has there?

Always love to see Marc. I love him so.