Saturday, 18 April 2009

New spring tracks

So what's been wearing out my iPod juice recently, turning it from green to red with repeated listening?


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Sounding like Fleetwood Mac, this new single from Bat for Lashes, aka Natasha Khan is her most pop-structured to date. It's marshmallow soft in sound and sentiment and reeks of Teen Spirit - bubblegum flavoured. UK chart action has seen it come and go peaking at 36...


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Bless him, he does look like a drag king, old Christophe there. Mind you, considering I first thought he was a she when I heard his big hit Double Je it's no surprise. This is from his forthcoming second album, Caféine or rather, his PROPER debut after wining France's Star Academy three years ago. There's a duet with *gasp* Kylie included called Sensitized. The elephantine intro is original and the chorus snatches you by surprise on this impressive lead-off single sounding like a French Keane. Follow his antics on Poster Girl who is waiting for the said album nervously. Double Je was my FAVOURITE TRACK of 2007 and still is a killer. LISTEN!


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The return of the pop-tacular Linda Sunblad on Kleerup's eponymous new album is a welcome breath of spring air. Sorely underused, she injects this doleful track with light and magic. There's even a touch of the Robyn in there, non?

PET SHOP BOYS - More Than a Dream (Magical Dub)

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Oh my God, summer's arrived! This is heat on a stick. This is a MAMMOTH track. An Ibiza 2009 certified choon. From the amazing Yes etc., the original version has been bettered.


Poster Girl said...

I've only just fallen hard for "Daniel"...but wow, have I fallen.

Linda Sundblad needs to release some new music of her own upon the world pronto. She really is underused. Even a hint about any progress being made would be something...take a break from "featuring," radio hosting, and writing for other people and do some music of your own again, Linda!

Christophe best bring it with this album. "Berlin" is still getting a lot of plays from me, too.

Paul said...

i'm quite liking Christophe. i should have paid more attention to you and PPG in 2007 because now i am an album behind, but enjoying catching up :)

DanProject76 said...

Is that Kleerup album getting a UK release then?

I liked it but it did all sound the same, didn't it? Although saying that while listening to the track you mentioned I think that one was not on it before. Or am I madE?

DanProject76 said...

Ah... it was an iTunes bonus track which is why I never had it.


DanProject76 said...

UK version loses 2 songs from Swedish version (including the great Neneh Cherry one) and one instrumental but includes the iTunes track and some new instrumentals. Hmmm...

Phil said...

@Poster Girl: I hope Linda hears you! She's got her fingers in her ears goping "lalalalala" at the mo'!

@Paul: the first album's not very good. The Double Je hit was a souped up remix not on there. I'd just use that track as a starting point!

@Dan: my version is the same as the Amazon version... why is Kleerup messing with us!