Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sir William of Orbit returns

And it's 1994 all over again. His new album My Oracle Lives Uptown is out next month. Above is the the album version of Optical Illusion. Sir William has produced another in the vein of his StrangeCargo project: melodic, ambient and gorgeous. You probably won't hear or see any of these tracks anywhere because, despite being a producer extraordinaire, even Radio 2 aren't playlisting him. Mind you, Breakfast TV featured his fizzog this morning with that housewives' nightmare, Bill Turnbull, spouting forth his view on the album: "It's got a good beat and great for walking the dog to". *sticks head in tumble dryer*

Clicky here for HisSpace for a listen to more tracks. Go here to his website for even more info.

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Paul said...

that's such a flattering picture of him too...