Saturday, 27 June 2009

My Jacko Top 5

1. Wanna Be Starting Somethin'

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2. Black or White (Clivilles & Cole Club Mix)
See below!

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3. P. Y. T. (Pretty Young Thing)

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4. Off The Wall

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5. Stranger in Moscow

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I can remember, in a blizzard of Snowball E, this mix of Black or White booming out of the speakers at the 051 in Liverpool and seeing a normally aloof crowd go mental because it was C&C and Michael Jackson. A giddy combination. Piano!

Black or White (Clivilles & Cole Club Mix) - Michael Jackson (zShare)


1 comment:

Paul said...

great list. love him or not, i found myself playing lots of songs yesterday - particularly the more poignant ones like Man In The Mirror, Will You Be There, You Are Not Alone etc... :(