Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Did you see THIS coming? PSB go Top 10

The midweek charts are in (I know... Tuesday?) and it appears Pet Shop Boys are in at number 5 with Did You See Me Coming. And with no record company mishap this time around, the physical sales are powering this top ten hit. With new tracks available on these CD single versions, including a Richard X remix of album favourite The Way It Used To Be, it's no surprise that they're selling - from today, that mix is also available on iTunes.

It's interesting to note that the digital sales account for only 27% of the total sales so far, whereas the other four sellers look like this:
1 - 93.4%
2 - 95.4%
3 - 100%
4 - 60.6%

For once, the record company are playing a clever game. Everyone has rushed out to buy the new tracks on CD before today and now the digital sales of the remixes will hopefully add to what may be, fingers crossed, a top tenner for the Boys!

Go get digital versions at iTunes here and physical singles here at HMV.


Paul said...

fingers crossed. i now have very high hopes for this and don't want to be let down personally by you mr worrapolava :) :P

Stuart said...

And the b-sides of the CD singles are only available in a remixed form on iTunes. To get both the original versions and the remixes, you would need to get the physical and download formats.

Phil said...

Don't hit me Paul!

And, Stuart, I didn't know the b-sides were remixed for iTunes, thanks for that. Ooh. The sly buggers.

Phil said...

Oh, and by the way... I didn't realise it was YOU Mr Jones!