Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Where you going for yer holidays then?

Marsheaux, electro duo Marianthi and Sophie, don't have to go far. Just down the road really, seeing as they live in gorgeous Greece. And someone has kindly married a brand new track of theirs, Summer, to picture postcards of the place. If you're living in the UK, this will come as a blessed relief from the cold and wet nonsense we have for weather at the mo'. It's from their upcoming (and long overdue) third album Lumineux Noir out soon. I must admit, I much prefer this track to the song chosen as the lead-off single, Breakthrough, which is actually a bit disappointing. BUT, go over to Amazon for the digital bundle because the b-side, How Does It Feel?, is more than worth 79 shiny new pence.


Talia said...

Oooh I love this. It's summery but still vaguely depressing! Not heard of them before.

Talia said...

Breakthrough sounds just like Ladytron (which is a big thumbs up)

Adem With An E said...

Very fucking amazing.