Friday, 2 April 2010

Parralox: isn't it strangely fabulosa?

Fresh from the second Parralox album State of Decay comes this thundering slab of gorgeousness. Go here to sample track after track of synth pop heaven. It seems like ages since Isn't It Strange was slated for a single release and with 15 other tracks on the EP version, no bloody wonder it's taken a while. This band add value!

This version, above in the video, is a perfect example of how Parralox have matured since their debut, Electricity, two years ago. With a neat little nod of respect to Serious Japanese by Melon and People are People by Depeche Mode, a theme which runs throughout the album, the band have carved a slice of classic synth pop. And what's more, there is a song at the heart of it. And do I detect the drum backing from Win's You've Got the Power there?

It's nice to see John taking his turn on vocals at the end, bless him, but on Isn't It Strange and across the whole of the State of Decay album, Amii deserves credit for her bravura performance. It's a pop voice with an edge; like Confessions Madonna with perfect Virgin Madonna harmonies. I must admit, the lead-off single Hotter, didn't light my world but in the context of the album it makes perfect sense. The magpie element running throughout State of Decay is clever. Sounds borrowed from the likes of Human League, Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Shannon on Hotter give the sense that the tracks are already classics in their own right. But then with an opening track like Beautiful World: pop verses, solid chorus and deluxe sounds, the album has a lot to live up to and it does, which is why, like Electricity, State of Decay actually sounds like a Greatest Hits collection; every track could be a single. Check out my absolute favourite When the Walls Come Tumbling Down below...

Parralox - When The Walls Came Tumbling Down by phileastend

And my own remix of an older Parralox track Sharper Than a Knife is available here as a FREE download. Go on, have it! Bona!

Parralox - STAK (phileastend RMX) by phileastend

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