Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Look at these love eggs the Easter Bunny left behind.

Baby Can't Stop by Lindstrøm & Christabelle
This gorgeous bumping track by the Norwegian duo has been somewhat overlooked since its release at the end of last year. But not in this house. Clicky here for a FREE mix by the magnificent Aeroplane, second only to Fred Falke in the remix stakes.

Columns by Silver Columns
Another duo, this time from Scotland, were a mystery last year, releasing a series of 12-inch vinyl singles with no information attached. Chelsea Kelsey of Readers Wifes got me onto this one a couple of months ago saying how he couldn't stop playing it. And I know what he means. The news about Silver Columns is that an album is imminent. HiNRJ versions of Madonna tracks? Sounds too good to be true. I'll believe it when I hear it.

Can You Feel It?! by Slight Delay
Gawd, a bit of house piano and I'm anyone's. This track has been around since last summer and because of its summery vibe, I've been using it to chase away those winter blues.

Acapella by Kelis
Praise be, she's back. Gone is the faux hip-hop sex kitten. The creative diva has ragged that weave off and is pounding a Grace Jones drum. I really hope she strikes a chord with this one because we deserve a global star like Kelis v3.0. Now we can tell Rihanna to fuck off.

History by Groove Armada
Out of a patchy Groove Armada album (and that pains me to say it) comes this absolute gem. I can't write enough superlatives about this Will Young collaboration other than it's right up my back passage. Will sounds like a drug-addled club singer on History and if he's clever, he'll build on this sound for his next album. It suits him.

Live the Life You've Imagined by Jon Pleased Wimmen
Last month saw me screaming about Jon Pleased Wimmen's band Voyagers, but this track, on his MySpace was the one that grabbed my attention first. You know how much I foam at the gash for synth pop, well, here's why! It's accomplished and I want more.

Momma's Place (Microfilm Remix) by Microfilm
Roisin Murphy's stomping single gets that rarest of remixes: one which (shh) betters the original! Hit repeat and it's a gift that keeps on giving from the PSB slashing synth to the mournful strings at the end. There's also a very clever and sophisticated drum track which pops up about 1.49 - where numb nuts here left a comment. Sublime. It makes me want to hear all of their remixes now. And if you click on the dark arrow to the right, you can download for FREE!