Saturday, 11 August 2007

Goosebumpingly gorgeous

It's a fight for number one in tomorrow's Top 40 between Robyn and Kanye West. Obviously I have my flag planted firmly in the Robyn Camp. But according to popjustice, there's not much in it with Kanye at number one in iTunes already. Mind you, with this kind of press cropping up in the UK now, maybe this will be Kanye's last chance.

But all of these shenanigans aside, you HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS; it's worth the investment of 20-ish minutes of your time. As I mentioned earlier, Robyn was due to do a live performance and interview on Jo Whiley's Radio 1 show. And a couple of days ago, here she was...

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Confusingly, Sara Cox was standing in for La Whiley, but, believe me, that is a bonus! I like La Cox and her blunt northern ways. The interview went down the inevitable Show Me Love route with a cheeky aside to the Robin S track... but otherwise, Robyn came across as funny and wholly appreciative of the gushing compliments. And the music was AMAY. ZING. Described by one listener as 'goosebumpingly gorgeous', the piano-accompanied With Every Heartbeat stripped the song down but somehow intensified the emotion. And then the obligatory Live Lounge cover was, quite neatly, the Show Me Love ├╝ber-producer/songwriter, Max Martin's Since You've Been Gone. I thought Robyn wobbled a bit doing the higher vocals, but the arrangement was clever and unique. That Kleerup is a clever man...

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