Monday, 20 August 2007

Nice Juggs...

A right pair here!

They're called Midnight Juggernauts and despite looking and sounding vare French, they're completely Oz-ian from Melbourne and they have a new album out called Dystopia. This track, Road to Recovery is my current wake up song in the morning. And whereas, walking to work I usually remind people that they must 'get some mince for tea', it's actually making me move purposefully with a very uncharacteristic swagger. It's also a song with huge VFM: it sounds brilliantly epic when you're out and cures the hangover in the morning.


MySpace with REALLY GOOD tracks from the new album.

And the boys holiday pics, like this one above after meeting the Queen, here

Midnight Juggernauts - Road to Recovery
(mp3 Download)


Michael said...

"Dystopia" is great. Reminds me of Cut Copy's album from a few years ago - a nice distillation of French dance music and indie rock.

Phil said...

I've ordered it already. It's a very impressive collection!