Tuesday, 28 August 2007

To the Manor Born

Like Audrey Fforbes-Hamilton I became one of the privileged and left the hoi polloi behind as I took to life at this manor in Sussex like a duck to water. Myself and 10 friends descended on it for the Bank Holiday weekend and for a change, the weather reflected everyone's mood; sunny and hot! Vare hot!

This Edwardian pile had a squash court inside the house (!) and 2 grand pianos in the drawing room for an Elton/Liberace sandwich. It has its own website here

And the tune of the weekend? Despite some quality tracks, the trash always wins out...

Wham Rap! - Wham!
(mp3 Download)


Lord Allan said...

What a feeling! One day... xx

Marc said...

Well let's not forget the fantabulosa banquets each evening, which could give Jamie and Gordon a run for their money. Great weekend thanks again for organising. MARC