Saturday, 29 September 2007

Another London song...

...and as I write, Hometown Glory has to be in the top ten. Adele, (here I could make the comparisons with her fellow young female chanteuse peers like Kate Nash, Amy MacDonald and Amy Whitehouse, but I won't. Doh! Already have), has penned a beautiful travelogue on the people, feelings and wonders of her London. It's the perfect antidote to Lily's grimy, LDN and Catatonia's acidic two-fingered salute, Londinium. And her voice is perfectly suited to the smoky, foggy feeling of the song - there are even touches of the Cocteau Twins' Liz Fraser towards the end.

Adele (no surname BTW) is another Brit School alumni (see also Wino, Nash, half of The Feeling and Katie Melua). What is it with that angst-ridden showbiz school? Unlike the Fame type scenes in the canteen with Bruno going mad on his synths and Leroy dancing on the tables in dayglo leggings, there's probably Amy strumming her guitar in a serious manner to a circle of pained-looking fellow pupils, holding hands and humming.

Hometown Glory
is out on October 22nd as a limited edition vinyl 7", and a debut album is being recorded now for XL Recordings (home to the White Stripes and Dizzee Rascal) so expect her to 'do a Nash' and go stellar before the year's out. She's got a pop star's stature - big hair, tiny body - so she'll fit easily into the firmament. But for the moment, she's still got her feet on the ground: that pic above, taken in her kitchen, looks suspiciously like she still lives at home with her mum. Bless.

Adele, performing Daydreamer on Later With Jools Holland via YouTube

Hometown Glory - Adele (mp3 Download)

Adele's MySpace

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Anonymous said...

"She's got a pop star's stature - big hair, tiny body"

Tiny body? Adele?

"- so she'll fit easily into the firmament."

Like the planet Jupiter.