Sunday, 30 September 2007

Giving me Daggers

This mean looking lot are Daggers, from Manchester. Before you read any more, quickly nip over to their MySpace and listen to Money.

Fab isn't it? They've been ramraiding the 80s for clues as how to put a hi-gloss pop song together and all the elements are there: the earnest lead vocals, the girlie backing vocals, the catchy keyboard sequencers, the huge synth stabs and the bombastic chorus. But it's also like an amalgam of 80s bands that never should go together; Human League and The Cars; Simple Minds and Yazoo. And as a first single, it promises a future as bright as the Thompson Twins' dayglo fingerless gloves.

The double A side single, Money/Magazine (how 80s, who reads mags these days?) will be out on download on October 22nd.

But here's a great remix:

Money (Modernaire Remix) - Daggers
(mp3 Download)


Raj said...

OOOHHHH lalala. What a flawless find Phil - thanks for sharing!

Phil said...

They're great aren't they? Vare promising!