Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Look What I Found!

Last month, going through my records, CDs and mp3s I found some hidden gems. Some of them are too good to be hidden, so, as an occasional post, called imaginatively, Look What I Found! I'll upload a few...

Ruth Joy - Don't Push It
(mp3 Download)
Dan Project76 mentioned this one in a comment after I posted the Krush track. And here it is. It didn't do anything chartwise, and Ruth disappeared after that. She popped up later as the wife of Inner City's Kevin Saunderson with a veritable football team of titchy RuthKevins, but unfortunately no massive solo musical output.

Cleopatra Jones - Hot Pants (mp3 Download)
A couple of years before Danny Rampling and his mates came from Ibiza dripping in an E sweat and introducing a new kind of dance music, this is what London clubs were jumping too. The scene that spawned S'Express also had this little diamond, a definitive 'getting ready' track: "Put on your hot pants, put on your hot pants...

Perfect Strangers - Without You (Extended Version) (mp3 Download)
Try as I might, I couldn't find any web info on this band. I can remember Janice Long loving this track and playing it to death. Anne Dudley, of the Art of Noise and later film score composer, produced it and you can hear her influence in the tight, meaty strings. The girl/boy duo (so common in the 80s) Roderick Syers and Martha McGowan broke up after the record flopped. This is the 12-inch version which allows the backing track to be heard in all its glory.


DanProject76 said...

Thanks for the Ruthjoy. It's playing right now.

Jenny said...

Cool! Thank you!

Have you ever heard the b-side "My Kind of Love"? They have a few copies of the 12" and 7" for sale on


Mark said...

I just unearthed a copy of my kind of love. A mate gave it to me when I was living in Mt Isa (Queensland Australia...look it up) in the early eighties. Good track, brought back some memories. I think I'll import it to itunes.

Charmuh said...

AHH!! I missed out on the RUth Joy!!