Friday, 21 September 2007

Wot? No Boy George? No Scissor Sisters?

Details of the tracks featured on Kylie's forthcoming X album were released today. And the Scissors' White Diamond is nowhere to be seen. Boy George will also be disappointed to be left out of Camp Kylie, but, hey, them's the breaks.

"Marylin? The bee-atch said 'No!'. I tell ya, girl, that's us back on the cheap ciggies. Apparently there's some new kid on the block called Kelvin Harris. What? Rolf Harris' grandson... That explains it. Those Ozzies bloody well stick together. Harumph".

It's no surprise, really. White Diamond has been doing the rounds as a live version for a while now and George's contributions never sounded substantial enough. What is a surprise is that the Groove Armada tracks weren't included. After such a strong album with Soundboy Rock, any producer/songwriter role on X promised a lot. Kylie's loss is Roisin Murphy's gain - just wait until her album comes out and you'll see what I mean!

Groove Armada 1: "You fucked it up!"
Groove Armada 2: "How? We got the track down and she seemed really into it".
Groove Armada 1: "Yeah, but you don't let her see what you've scribbled on the CD cover! I ask you, 'Song 4 Short Arse'?!"

The listed contributors is a smorgasbord of European pop with stalwart Richard 'Biff' Stannard doing most of the studio shifts and Swedish meisters Bloodshy and Avant coming a close second. Eg White and Karen Poole, two names which crop up with regularity across 99% of UK pop (the other 1% being A. N. Other) will no doubt be interesting, but the ones to watch out for are newcomers Guy Chambers and Cathy Dennis.

There's some nonsense knocking around about X being named in tribute to Michael Hutchence who died ten years ago to the day (X = Roman numeral for 10, wake up at the back). Honestly, people will read anything into everything... Hmmm. X? Could it be that Kylie has in fact named the album in tribute to her alive sister Dannii, referencing her TV show X-Factor?

Whatever, I'm just sitting here countin' the days! But until then...

Word Is Out (Summer Breeze Mix) - Kylie (mp3 Download)


DanProject76 said...

As a geek who was heard a bundle of the tracks i say yay to the CD. The Boy George track was alright but not as good as some of the others that got through. The new ssingle is a very catchy song, the Guy Chambers/Cathy Dennis one is musical marmite (i love it), and one of the Stannard ones sounds exactly like Calvin Harris which confused the hell out of everyone when they announced the tracklisting and credits.

The Mylo one is also missing. How odd.

Adem IAR said...

I think a problem with tracks not ending up on the final track listing just comes down to their being too many. Sneaky Sound System sent some tracks for Kylie which weren't used, and I'm fairly sure anyone who's had anything to do with music over the last 20 years of song was invited to submit tracks.

I am *very* happy "In My Arms" and "Stars" are still being used for the album, which were my 2 favourites from that bunch of leaked tracks. Viva la Kylie!