Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Hurricane Grace

Twenty Years after her last album, Grace Jones pulls her finger out and releases a brand new one, Hurricane, on October 27. Produced by her Viscount boyfriend, Ivor Guest and featuring Brian Eno and Sly and Robbie, Grace said of her new release: "Grrrrrrrrrr".

The new songs were showcased at the recent tour de force gig at the Royal Festival Hall and were a fantastic return to form. This is Life, a fierce new track, is currently *ahem* doing the rounds. She begins the track with the line: "This is my voice, my weapon of choice" and thereby sums up the whole Grace Jones 'tude.

And here she is getting it on with Adam Ant in an 80s ad for Honda motorbikes. I bet they really did do the do after filming.

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xolondon said...

Now if dear Adam could pull it together. I look back at his old videos and am astonished at how cute and stylish he was. And then that brief brilliance with Wonderful. Hope the poor guy has sorted his meds.