Monday, 31 December 2007

The creme de la creme

So, on the last day of 2007, here's my liddle ole list to add to the many. Mine is a simple rundown of my favourite 20 tracks. The tracks I would hit repeat on, just because to hear them once is never enough. I may have more by the same artist (Roisin has a whole album of favourites to choose from for example), but to be more various, I've given them one chance to impress. A couple of notable absentees are Robyn - fab songs, too old blah blah - and Kylie - just couldn't get the X factor baby.

1. Double Je - Christophe Willem (zShare)
The boy I thought was a girl was my summer chanson. Lying on the beach in France, my radio tuned into NRJ, this song was played non-stop. And when the singer in residence at Le Bar Six in Nice sang it just for me, that was it. Hooked. Line and sinker. I love the first line where he says his voice sounds just like the Bee Gees (just in case anyone in France living under a stone hadn't heard of him).

2. Call the Shots - Girls Aloud (zShare)
Superfluous to superlatives, except to say I'd always humoured Girls Aloud but after hearing this killer track, and the rest of the album Tangled Up, I became a convert. I am the gay stereotype. When I want to be. But it's a pity I've cursed them now. It seems they'll be going their seperate ways next year.

3. My Great Regret - The Millioners (zShare)
Back in May, I wrote about this lush Lorraine-sounding song. But The Millioners have a sound all their own. The fact that half their tracks are dance instrumentals belies the fact that the lyrics are very narrative and very pop. Another act for Xenomania (as popjustice are wont to say) when GA are no more.

4. Overpowered - Roisin Murphy (zShare)
This was the first track I'd heard from the album of the same name and it heralded a new, previously unheard Roisin Murphy. I'm a sucker for synths and anodine lyrics, so this sleek electro track ticked every box. XO's Middle Eight gave her the Big Ass Pop Star for 2007 Award and he describes the Roe-sheen phenomenon perfectly. And my pop image of the year goes to our Roe freaking Hoxton's Joe Public (esp. that woman holding the water bottle on the right) with her daywear.

5. First Class Riot - The Tough Alliance (zShare)
In April, I wrote about this lovely Swedish duo thoroughly taken with their JoBoxer Beat sound on this marvelous single. And the lead singer ain't half bad too! Phew.

6. Redeem Me - Marc Almond (zShare)
My idol (yes! He really is) bounced back from near tragedy, to produce this corking brand new song written with Marius de Vries. Without bitterness or regret he sings of the man he used to be and always will be. The perfect song every 50 year old performer wished they had written. Probably.

7. Get Around To It - Tracey Thorn (zShare)
This slinky tune is my favourite from her magnificent Out of the Woods album.

8. Undisco Me - Billie Ray Martin (zShare)
A somewhat patchy output from La Ray Martin means that we get monolithic dance tracks like this and then... no more. Come back, Billie!

9. Hometown Glory - Adele (zShare)
Adele is garnering comparisons with every female singer past and present. But with the bravura new single Chasing Pavements, let's just say she's the first and ONLY Adele. This is the track that got me onto the gorgeous Brixton lass.

10. Uptown - Pleasure (zShare)
Fred Ball's second album, Pleasure II comes close to the top of my albums of the year. And his band should have been MUCH bigger in the UK this year.

11. Money - Daggers (zShare)
I want big things to happen with this Manchester band in 2008. Fingers crossed.

12. The Girls Say - Groove Armada (zShare)
Groove Armada surprised everyone with their album Souyndboy Rock: every track a killer. My favourite tracks switch from Lightsonic, Paris, Drop That Thing and Love Sweet Sound to this one. I described it as a hip-hop Human League, but listening again, it could be an electro Outkast. Take your pick.

13. Rock D'Amour - Emmon (zShare)
Emmon knocks around with The Knife and Robyn. If she produces more of this sumptuous, lush and chunky dance sound in 2008 she could be major. Oh. Go on, Emmon!

14. Hanging On - Marsheaux (zShare)
The Greek duo seem to be building a Robyn-like momentum, so expect their album Peek-a-Boo to get a UK re-release in 2009! This was the lead-off single. Glossy, glamorous and Euro-edgy.

15. Void - The Mary Onettes (zShare)
As the segue from summer to autumn, The Mary Onettes provided the perfect soundtrack. Like an urgent-sounding Echo and the Bunnymen round a bonfire they warmed my cockles!

16. Boy Ain't Right - Readers Wifes (zShare)
Here's a potted history of the Readers Wifes (sic). This very British, St Etienne-type track is the best from a great album called Gaslight.

17. Ghosts - Siobahn Donaghy (zShare)
As an introduction to the album of the same name, this backwards vocal atmospheric track was as different as it was retro with lashings of originality and shavings of Kate Bush (!). Apparently she's going to re-promote the album in 2008, as soon as she's got that bloody mistake, Rent out of the way.

18. Secret Sunday Lover - Ali Love (zShare)
Unfortunately, Calvin Harris got all the attention this year, putting Ali in the shade. 'Tis a pity because he's a million times better.

19. Uninvited - Freemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke (zShare)
The Freemasons kept many a diva afloat this year with their super chart-friendly remixes. And this was a welcome self-penned, self-produced track which lit up late summer.

20. The Ghost of Genova Heights - Stars (zShare)
In the abscence of any new material by Captain, the Canadian Stars more than filled the gap!

Image of 2007: NYC by Tricky

Into the Galaxy - Midnight Juggernauts (my original post titled Nice Juggs gets loads of hits. Wonder why.)

Wow - Kylie (there she is!)

Better In Time - Leona Lewis (ten times better than the first single)

A Modern Midnight Conversation - The Chemical Brothers (my favourite from a brilliant album)

Can't Get Over - September (you can sing Call the Shots over this. Fact!)

Change - Sugababes (sublime).


Adem With An E said...

Killer list, though I'm hoping you haven't cursed the Aloud, especially after hearing Nadine say something about another 5 years down the road on the Girls Aloud Style DVD... *hopes*

Tricky said...

Very good list...

... and thanks for the props on the photo :-)

Tricky said...

One more small thing: 'Uninvited' - produced by the fabulous Freemasons, sure. Written by... Alanis...

I was excited to read they are doing something with Sophie Ellis-Bextor for her hits CD. Can't wait to hear that.

Phil said...

Thanks Tricky! I never knew...

DanProject76 said...

The Millioners! Yay!