Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Give me tonight (on Hampstead Heath)

I was e-bantering with a friend of mine about Shannon today. We were wondering if she could be compared with the likes of Rozalla (Everybody's Free): one classic club record, followed by a pop one and a career in 'personal appearences' around the world thereafter. But straight away, we knew that Shannon's Give Me Tonight was NOT a pop follow-up to her big club and chart hit Let the Music Play. No. Give Me Tonight was an even more full-on gay club track. And Shannon can still sell out a concert hall of 2,000+. Granted, it's all the gayers, but still.

I've always preferred this track to Let the Music Play and, incidentally, it was one of Neil Tennant's Desert Island Discs two years ago. Give Me Tonight is more of a dance record because there's more sex in it. No frou frou nonsense about getting off together on the music, this is about one last shag before deciding whether or not to break up.

That got me looking to the original video, which I've never seen. And now I know why. It's like a Friday/Saturday night up on Hampstead Heath on Ketamine. But there's also a real dichotomy. This video was made for mass consumption with an eye on the adult gay market. There's nudity, but not. There's references to cruising, but not. There's Hot Gossip-style dancing and the campometer goes off the scale.

Give Me Tonight - Shannon

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